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To cultivate a love of learning we encourage the following:

Imaginative Play 

Play is the work of a child! Play allows children to create their own perspectives of the world and navigate it through their own lens and imagination. It fosters understanding of the world around them and encourages them to problem solve and navigate situations accordingly. 

Outdoor Play

Outside is a classroom of endless exploration. Whether it be a game of eye spy on a walk through the neighborhood, a hunt for bugs, or water play, the possibilities of allowing mother nature to teach us are endless.

Early Literacy

Literacy is a gateway to the world and Legacy-House is proud to foster an early love of reading! The opportunities to enjoy a story are endless, whether it be during mealtime, before nap, or outside while enjoying the weather.

To support our students and parents, we are participants of the following programs:

The Preschool Development Grant Program

Mixed Delivery Grant Program 

The Virginia Infant and Toddler Specialist Network

Virginia Breastfeeding Friendly Site

Registered Subsidy Vendor

1-2-3 Read Curriculum and The Creative Curriculum (State Approved)

Legacy House RVA
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